Flying Monsters DVD Cover

Flying Monsters 3D is a natural history documentary about the pterosaurs. It was written and presented by David Attenborough and was produced by Atlantic Productions for Sky 3D. Originally broadcast on Christmas Day 2010, it was the first 3D documentary to be screened on British television and was released in theatres and IMAX cinemas the following year. Flying Monsters 3D went on to become the first 3D programme to win a BAFTA award.


While the program did depict several new discoveries about pterosaurs, it also adhered to now obsolete concepts like scavenging azhdarchids, piscivorous tapejarids and the idea that pterosaurs were outcompated by birds.

Additionally, the narration points out that pterosaurs never produced filter feeding forms, in spite of the existence of Pterodaustro (strangely, Pterodaustro is mentioned).

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